Update Coronavirus Switzerland - Postlogistics

25 März, 2020

Dear Customer,

Please find below an important communication from Postlogistics :

The health of employees is a top priority for Swiss Post. Only if they stay healthy can we continue to provide a basic postal service.

The Corona crisis has led to a considerable increase in parcel volumes. In particular, there is an increase in large and bulky goods that are sent as bulky goods.

Bulky goods are labour-intensive and often require two people to handle them. Since many employees are at home because of the corona crisis (childcare, quarantine, etc.), personnel resources are already quite limited in the company.

Ensuring the basic supply has priority (packages up to 30 kg).

In order to comply with the BAG (Bundesamt für Gesundheit, Federal office of Public Health) guidelines on social distancing and to reduce the quantities of bulky goods in favour of the standard service, we are making changes to our "bulky goods" service.

In order to allow oversized or unpackaged shipments to be carried by a single employee and to enable us to reduce the amount of bulky goods overall, the maximum size is reduced to a maximum length of 150cm and a maximum girth (2 x height + 2 x width + 1 x length) of 350cm (instead of 250cm maximum length and 400cm maximum strap size). The maximum weight remains unchanged at 30kg.

The adjustment of the offer is valid from Monday, 30 March 2020 until the Federal Council abolishes the requirements for social distancing.

What happens if the customer still delivers bulky goods shipments that exceed the new maximum weight from Monday, 30 March 2020?

The customer will be contacted (presumably by the acceptance point) and asked to comply with the new maximum dimensions with immediate effect. If too large items are again sent, they will be returned to the sender for a fee. The amount of the costs is still being defined.

There are no buffer stocks.

Stay healthy

Your Asendia Team